About Sports Park Tucson

Welcome to Sports Park Tucson. We host Tucson’s best sand volleyball and softball leagues! Park admission is just $2, so pick a sport, determine the level of play you would like, then choose a program that fits you best.

General Policies

Gate Fees

There is a $2.00 fee to enter Sports Park Tucson for everyone 13 years of age and over Monday-Friday. Entry fees for tournaments and special events may vary from $3-$5. Visitors wishing to leave and return in the same day must obtain a hand stamp at the gate.

Food and Beverage

Sports Park Tucson does not allow outside food and beverage in the complex. Outside Alcohol is prohibited! Ice chests/coolers are allowed as long as only water and Gatorades are in them. (Ice in coolers MUST be in either its original packing or in gallon-sized bags. Otherwise, staff may ask you to empty the contents out of the cooler to view items in coolers properly.) Each visitor is permitted to carry a personal water jug up to 2 gallons maximum containing water and ice only.

The park provides cooled water fountains by each building. We will not refill your personal water jugs. The concession stands sell bottled water and cups of ice in addition to many other food and beverage items.


Sports Park Tucson is a recreational facility. All individuals participating in recreational activities within the complex do so at their own risk. Sports Park Tucson will not be held responsible for injuries sustained while participating in such activities.

Weapons of any kind are prohibited on Sports Park Tucson property, this includes the parking lot and in the complex.

Bicycles, rollerblades, rollerskates, scooters and skateboards are prohibited in the complex.

We ask that children are not left unsupervised.


For safety reasons, no pets (except service dogs) are allowed in the park.

First Aid

Sports Park Tucson maintains only limited first aid supplies. These supplies are available upon request in the main office. In case of injury, Sports Park Tucson staff will contact emergency medical services upon request. Under no circumstances will a Sports Park Tucson employee or umpire administer first aid.

General Conduct

Sports Park Tucson is a family-friendly facility. We intend to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for our guests. Guests who fail to abide by our policies, state and federal law are subject to ejection from the facility.

Smoking Cigarretes

What is the Smoke-Free Arizona Act? The Law prohibits smoking inside and within 20 feet of entrances, open windows, or ventilation systems of an establishment. In addition, no smoking in dugouts. Must maintain  20 feet from volleyball courts, restrooms, and playgrounds. Please put out your cigarettes before throwing them away in the trash cans. 

Marijuana is NOT allowed at Sports Park!

It is illegal to smoke marijuana in open spaces and public areas. The state of Arizona defines open spaces as parks, pedestrian thoroughfares, sidewalks, and walkways. It doesn’t matter whether you isolate yourself while at the park or any other open space. Smoking marijuana here is illegal and you will be penalized if you are caught!


Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol consumption is strictly monitored at Sports Park Tucson. The following actions will result in ejection and possible prosecution:

a. Anyone caught with outside alcohol.
b. Minors attempting to purchase alcohol.
c. Individuals observed to be intoxicated.
d. Individuals observed to be consuming alcohol in the parking lot.

Overnight Camping and Picnicking

NO Overnight Recreational Vehicle parking is allowed at Sports Park Tucson. Picnicking is NOT permitted in the parking lot area at any time. Alcoholic beverages are NOT permitted to be consumed in the parking lot area at any time.