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Search results found 7 matches in the Feb 16th Cupid's Softball Tournament Co-ed Lite 10v10 - Upper category.

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Start Date ↑ Away  Home  Location  League
2/16/2019 4:30PM Sat*  Az Mix Ups(G7)(L) #mustBEnice(G7)(W) Field 5
2/16/2019 3:30PM Sat*  Wicked swing(G6)(L) Az Mix Ups(G6)(W) Field 5
2/16/2019 3:29PM Sat*  Red Team 2.0(G5)(L) #mustBEnice(G5)(W) Field 6
2/16/2019 2:30PM Sat*  Az Mix Ups(G3)(L) #mustBEnice(G3)(W) Field 5
2/16/2019 2:30PM Sat*  Red Team 2.0(G4)(L) Wicked swing(G4)(W) Field 6
2/16/2019 1:30PM Sat*  Red Team 2.0(G1)(L) Az Mix Ups(G1)(W) Field 5
2/16/2019 1:30PM Sat*  Wicked swing(G2)(L) #mustBEnice(G2)(W) Field 6

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