Mar 23rd Sand Volleyball Tournament Men’s & Women’s 3v3

Mar 23rd Sand Volleyball Tournament Men’s & Women’s 3v3

3v3 Men’s and 3v3 Women’s Sand Volleyball tournament!

Rules: Here is the skinny!
1. Nets will be at men’s height for men’s division, women’s height for women’s division
2. Game is played on a 2v2 size court
3. All positions are open.
4. Block does not count as a touch.
If we had to describe the format in one sentence it would be 2v2 with a setter.

Here is what to expect:

    • Single-game pool-play matches from 9AM to 11AM
    • All teams make Final Tournament
    • Single-Game matches for Final Tournament
    • Final Tournament is Double Elimination
    • Tournament should be ending around 3:30PM
    • $3 entry fee to get into Sports Park
    • 1st place will get $90 cash and a Winner Photo
    • Only 8 spots available

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